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Jailbreak iOS 16.3

We have listed the top 8 iOS 16.3 Jailbreak methods you can download t on zJailbreak. These jailbreak iOS 16.3 methods are available for all the latest device models including the iPhone 14 & 13 models.

Try downloading zJailbreak Pro first, not only the ones mentioned here, you can get all the other features that come with zJailbreak for free.

Most popular methods to Jailbreak iOS 16.3


A very impressive jailbreak repo extractor. You can install Jailbreak apps, themes, tweaks, games and much more using Sileem. You just need to extract the repos under several categories. It’s the kind of thing that you used to do with adding Source on Cydia. This was initially released for iOS 16 and now upgraded as iOS 16.3 Jailbreak method.

It’s originally a Japanese development and English version is also available. You can download it from their official website too. But you can get many more iOS 16.3 jailbreak features for free if you get it through zJailbreak. Just tap the above download button.

Sileem iOS 16.3 Jailbreak repo extractor

If you want to try it on the lower iOS 16 version, refer to iOS 16 – iOS 16.0.3 Jailbreak, iOS 16.1 / iOS 16.1.2 Jailbreak or iOS 16.2 Jailbreak pages.

2. Zeon

A top-notch jailbreak repo extractor. This is a reliable jailbreak method used since iOS 14. The process for installing the Jailbreak apps, themes is the same for all repo extractors as well. It is a straightforward online method. iOS 16.3 jailbreak users can customize their device using Zeon, because it has a massive collection of System tweaks, Themes, 3rd party apps, Emulators and more.

Zeon iOS 16.3 Jailbreak repo extractor

Although you can download Zeon from its official site, apart from zJailbreak, it doesn’t offer so many additional benefits. To download zJailbreak, simply hit the button above.

Zeon is compatible with older iOS 15 versions too. Refer iOS 15.7 Jailbreak or iOS 15 Jailbreak pages.

3. Hacksnow (New)

Hacksnow is the latest iOS 16.3 jailbreak solution. It’s all in one solution for Package managers. Once you complete the virtual Jailbreak process it will offer Cydia, Cydia 2, Cydia Black and Sileo package managers with limited features. Super Simple process to enjoy the iOS 16.3 jailbreak features.

Hacksnow  for iOS 16.3

Hacksnow is exclusively available with zJailbreak. Click the above button if you haven’t installed it yet.

4.Unc0ver Black (New)

Unc0ver black is the newly added feature for zJailbreak. You can jailbreak iOS 16.3 using this Web-based app. It installs black colored Cydia 2 following the unc0ver Black Edition iOS 16.3 jailbreak method. It’s like a dark version of the Unc0ver Jailbreak tool, but this is not the Unc0ver Semi-untethered jailbreak tool. Installing is a brand new experience for iOS 16.3 users.

unc0ver black for iOS 16.3

Unc0ver.Black you can download via the official website too, but you can not get other features that zJailbreak offers. Simply click the zJailbreak download button up top.

5. Palera1n Virtual Terminal Jailbreak

Palera1n Virtual Terminal Jailbreak is another kind of experience and specially designed for iOS 16 – iOS 16.3 A12-A16 devices.  Your iOS device will get a terminal when the Palera1n virtual installation process is finished. As soon as the device is recognized, the terminal will activate. You must obtain the gadget, IPSW. After putting the IPSW file into the terminal, run it. Once you have the right key, the jailbreak procedure will proceed.

Palera1n Virtual terminal jailbreak

zJailbreak is the best place to download Palera1n Virtual terminal jailbreak, tap the download button.

6. iOS 16.3++ with MarronJB

Virtual jailbreak is another kind of experience for iOS users. zJailbreak offers iOS 16.3++ web-based operating system that you can run with default iOS 16.3 concurrently. You can jailbreak iOS 16.3++ virtually using the existing MarronJB app. It installs Cydia on a web-based OS with limited features.

iOS 16.3++ with MarronJB

You can download iOS 16.3++ via other 3rd party app stores, but you can not get other features than zJailbreak. Go to the top of the page and download the zJailbreak.

7. Checkra1n (Virtual)

Checkra1n Virtual is iOS 16.3 jailbreak method you can try on all latest device models. Its online process is based on the Web-based app. It’s not an advanced method like Checkra1n semi-tethered jailbreak tool. Simply install the Checkra1n virtual app to your iPhone or iPad, complete the virtual jailbreak process. Finally you will get the Cydia on your homescreen.

Checkra1n iOS 16.3 virtual

Download Checkra1n via zJailbreak.

8. iNifty

You can install an awesome iOS 16.3 iNifty theme collection from zJailbreak. It is compatible with all the latest iPhone, iPad models. Here are the famous themes you can download via iNifty.

iNifty Themes for iOS 16.3

Ando iOS Theme – This is an awesome theme to customize the homescreen. It has redesign icons to get a refreshed look to your iOS 16.3 iPhone and iPad.

UnPivot for iOS theme – This is another popular theme available on iNifty. Currently, it is the most downloaded theme. It has added a unique and fantastic style with these new icons iOS 16.3 version. 

RedAttract 3D theme – RedAttract 3D theme allows you to customize your iOS 16.3 devices the way you want. RedAttract is available under the 3D category on iNifty.

Dark Moon Themes – Make your iOS 16.3 homescreen Unique and Special with Dark Moon themes. Add a dark moon theme to experience the dark mode throughout the homescreen. 

First download zJailbreak from the above button to get iNifty.

We have mentioned the above iOS 16.3 jailbreak methods based on the maximum downloads. Apart from that, there are many features available under many categories. 

Some of them are mentioned briefly below.

  • Jailbreak app manager by zJailbreak

Cydia Lite – zJailbreak offers lite version of Cydia for iOS 16.3. This is a direct installation method. However, you can not get all the Cydia features with this version. But you can install your favorite jailbreak app on iOS 16.3 using Cydia lite.

Sileo Lite – Sileo lite version also provided by zJailbreak. It is a straight installation approach. Also, you can install this version on iOS 16.3 running all latest devices. This also limited functions.

  • Themes

Ela theme – Theme collection to customize iOS 16.3 devices

Desier – Widget pack for jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices.

Flemino –  Flemino allow you to run other operating systems though your iOS 16.3 device

DreamStore – An alternative for Cydia dreamboard

Metaw – A wallpaper collection for iOS 16.3 devices

  • AppStores

FlekSt0re pro – This is another third party application installer compatible with iOS 16.3.

CyrusHub – A new platform to install Jailbreak apps on iOS 16.3 devices

VisionStore – Another app store for installing ++ Apps and jailbreak apps

Zeus – A third party app store with Limited Jailbreak IPA’s

Eonhubapp – Alternative way to install official apps

BunnyInject – You can get modified apps and hacked games

  • Other jailbreak tools

Xina A15 Jailbreak – Unfortunately it is not compatible with iOS 16.3 jailbreak. It is rootless jailbreak for Xina iOS 15 – iOS 15.1.1 operating on A12 – A15 devices jailbreak. zJailbreak provides an online IPA for Xina, iOS 15 – iOS 15.1.1 users can try this.

TrollStore – Apple devices may permanently sideload software using the new tool TrollStore. Not supported with iOS 16.3 or any other version iOS 15.5 onwards. Only supported with  iOS 14 – iOS 15.4.1 versions. If you have devices with the right version, you can try this.